Welcome to Our Easton Location

EastonThe George L. Copeland Funeral Home was established on January 1,1951 by the late George & Marilyn Copeland as a non-sectarian establishment serving all faiths. After serving in the United States Navy Pacific Theater aboard a hospital ship during World War II, dealing with severely injured soldiers and first hand with death, George decided to go to school to become a licensed funeral director.  He felt that death should be treated with compassion and respect.  His dream was to own Easton’s first funeral home.  Borrowing $10,000 from their parents, George and Marilyn purchased the home in 1950 and George spent hours restoring the building.  The second floor was to be their private residence.  Marilyn remained at her job in Acton and came home on weekends to cook and clean.  They worked side by side for 32 years running the business and raising a family of five children. They paid close attention to detail and treated everyone with compassion and dignity. After the tragic loss of Marilyn in 1981, George remained with the funeral home for another year.  In 1982 the business was taken over by their son.  George Copeland passed away in June of 2013.

    In 2005 the funeral home was purchased by Richard D. MacKinnon Jr. and is now the Copeland-MacKinnon Funeral Home.  George was very proud of the legacy he & Marilyn created and was extremely pleased with the way Richard has carried that on by serving the Easton community in the same manner as The Copeland Family did.

     Our Easton funeral home proudly serves Easton, Raynham, Sharon, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Norton, Mansfield, Brockton, and surrounding areas. We offer full service burial and cremation services as well as low cost funeral packages and low cost cremation packages. Ask about our “Competitors Price Guarantee”.